Your Agreement & Court Papers

Preparing your Agreement

As part of the mediation, I’ll prepare the Settlement Agreement for you, reflecting what you agree to in the mediation. With some exceptions, it’s ok to conduct a mediation session, prepare the Agreement and have everyone sign that day – i.e. get it all done. An important exception to this is if the mediation has been long, it’s generally not appropriate for people to sign an agreement after a “marathon” mediation session.

The approach I recommend is that both sides take time to review the Agreement at home, and with their attorney if they want, before signing . The decisions you make in mediation are important. One of the drawbacks, or potential disadvantages to mediation vs. hiring an attorney to handle the case for you, is that mediation could feel rushed – you make decisions quickly. Taking this time to review the agreement helps address that I believe.

Getting Your Court Pleadings Prepared

If you’ve reached an agreement in mediation that completely resolves the issues in your case, and the court documents and pleadings will simply incorporate what’s in the Settlement Agreement, I can prepare for you the pleadings/documents you’ll need to file with the court. The court forms we’ll use are the Florida Supreme Court approved forms for divorce and other family law cases.

The Costs

The fee for Mediation is $225 per hour. Call and I can let you know the cost for the pleadings/court papers for your case, depending on the type of case you have, and also where you can find the forms on-line if you want to fill out the forms yourself.

I am a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator, Florida Qualified Parenting Coordinator, and Florida Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Call me at (954) 636-7498, or use the contact form on the website, and we can discuss Mediation for your case.

Client Reviews
Attorney Steven Blumenthal and his law firm were eager to help me settle a complicated child support case. Steven made every effort to keep me involved and informed of all the options available and the possible outcomes. He took my predicament seriously and made every effort to resolve it in the best interest of the children. I will recommend Steven to all my friends in South Florida looking for a family law attorney. A.R.
Very intelligent and trustworthy I like him gives great advice you really don't have to think of anything he'll handle it all. Steven C.
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